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Myles Manley, that most idiosyncratic of musicians, from Sligo, is back with ‘Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town’. With a rarely spotted semi-colon in the title, the song proceeds at an increasingly paranoid pace. “They’re coming after me and then they’re coming after you,” he warns. The ‘relax’ of the song title sounds almost […]

myles manley next please

Trout Records Presents is a nine-part series filmed in Asylum studios at Bow lane and shot by Second Frame Films. The videos are all live, in-studio performances of Irish artists. The series so far has captured Enemies, Cian Nugent and Tandem Felix. The latest act to be filmed is the idiosyncratic Myles Manley, who I’ve […]

myles manley next please

I really like this video for Myles Manley‘s new single ‘Next Please’, off his forthcoming Greatest Hits 2011-2013 collection. It could also double as a tourism promotion for Dublin, featuring various parts of the capital at its best, alongside shots of Manley recovering in a hotel room as well as hanging off a bridge. Idiosyncratic […]

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I reviewed Myles Manley‘s third EP back in March. Basically I said while he touches on heavy subjects like depression and anxiety, these can pass you by because he’s a curious creature, a box of contradictions. Music For White People (An Unauthorised Documentary) doesn’t really do much to dispell this, with various friends and talking […]

Jagger Manqué is the third EP from English-born, Sligo-raised Myles Manley. Based in Dublin, he’s crafted an idiosyncratic slacker singer-songwriter mould. Most singer-songwriters try to get you to empathise with whatever plight is happening to them in any given three-minute track. Manley, over the course of four tracks, delves into isolation, selfishness, anxiety and hints […]