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Brid O’Donovan (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram) was back behind the camera for Hard Working Class Heroes last week. Here are her shots from the third and final day, Saturday, featuring Oh Boland, Galants, Rusangano Family, Shaker Hymn, Participant and Nocturnes.

participant video

It’s always nice to come across videos that are a little bit different – and the visuals for Participant‘s track ‘Shelter’ are certainly that. If David Attenborough directed soaps, we might get something like what Bob Gallagher has created. He’s made videos for Swords and Myles Manley in recent months and of his latest effort […]


All pictures by BrĂ­d O’Donovan. I wonder who saw the most acts at Hard Working Class Heroes this year. About 104 artists were on the lineup (though there were one or two cancellations, such as Affleck). I wasn’t up in Dublin for Thursday (here’s who I would’ve gone to see) so I had some catching […]


Participant is Dublin-based musician Stephen Tiernan. He’s been working on his debut EP for about a year and today released Bit Slow into the world. Despite the long time working on the release, he chants on second track ‘Shelter’: “I’m not waiting, I never was.” The song titles should be an indication of what lies […]