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Paddy Hanna (photo by Stephen White) 35

Stereogum had a massive interview with Paddy Hanna yesterday, touting him as an artist to watch. It’s a revealing piece, Ryan Leas asking him at the end why “after all the setbacks and false starts, he kept writing, he kept starting new projects, clawing his way across his twenties to his own career”. Hanna replied: […]

The Shaker Hymn lo-res

The Shaker Hymn are readying their first 7″ single and are releasing it this Saturday, Record Store Day. It comprises their two singles to date, the still utterly exhilarating ‘Hunter and the Huntsman‘, and ‘The Runaway‘. The single comes ahead of their debut album, Rascal’s Antique, which should be out soon enough. The double-A side […]

Gorgeous Colours Bright Ideas Cover

It’s been a good year or two since we heard new music from Dublin band the Gorgeous Colours. ‘It’s OK To Be Normal‘ saw them become more assured and ‘Bright Ideas’ continues this ideal. A slow-paced song, it sounds like it takes influence from a more optimistic the National, with dah-dah-dahs spread throughout its 4.20-minute […]

‘Plan.Life.Go’ was the last new track we heard from kool thing, the Berlin-based Dublin/Australian band. That was a slow-building atmospheric number with sinister stabbings of guitar. ‘TV Tower’ is the exact opposite of that. Kool thing release their debut album on March 4, the cover of which is above, and ‘TV Tower’ is the lead […]

Unless they went totally leftfield and ditched their pop-punk tracks for, I dunno, bluegrass folktronica (is that a thing yet?), I was always going to like these new We Are Losers songs. As I said here, my two favourite songs of the six are Runaround Kids‘ cover of ‘The Narcissist’ and We Are Losers’ cover […]

It’s strange when an Irish group gets really hyped up when they only have one song under their belt – or on their Soundcloud anyway. But that’s what happened with Ships. They stuck up ‘Two Hearts‘ on their page to little fanfare and waited for the people to come to them. I’ve gone back to […]

Mixed bag of news for Windings fans fans this morning. First, a new song accompanied by a video. There are at least 10 different ways to watch the stars in squares type video for ‘The Hassle’. I can’t take my eyes off the cowbell square. Yes, that’s right, there is cowbell in ‘The Hassle’, which […]

I featured 2.54’s ‘Scarlet’ video last month. The EP is out next Monday (pre-order it on iTunes) and here’s a second track from it. ‘Got A Hold’ ups the rock ante from ‘Scarlet’ and has a guitar hook worthy of a ‘grunge’ band. 2.54 support Wild Beasts in the Academy at the beginning of December […]

Craig Finn of the Hold Steady has gone solo, but hasn’t changed the sound, thankfully. ‘Honolulu Blues’ and ‘Rented Room’ form two sides of his debut 7″ release, coming out for (US) Record Store Day’s Black Friday. And yes, ‘Honolulu Blues’ does feature images of kids asking for money to buy drugs. And Jesus references. […]

This is really cool. Squarehead and Patrick Kelleher got together to release a double A-side single. I got slightly confused trying to explain the idea behind it, but Harmless Noise says what I couldn’t. ‘Attention To Detail’ is Squarehead taking on a Kelleher-type recording and ‘Just A Tragedy’ is Kelleher apeing Squarehead. The latter could […]