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l This sounds absolutely immense and bodes very well for those of us heading to see Annie Clarke at the Button Factory on Sunday night. St Vincent and that amazing distorted guitar sound just go so well together, something I wouldn’t have expected after Actor. Listen to the original version of ‘She Is Beyond Good […]

We got to see the video for ‘Cruel’ last week – it featured singer Annie Clark in a grave – and last night she went on David Letterman’s late night show and brought the song along. Annie fingerpicks an electric guitar, including the solos/bridges. All in a full-length black dress, which looks pretty cool, if […]

We had our first taster of St Vincent’s forthcoming album Strange Mercy a few weeks ago with ‘Surgeon’. We now have ‘Cruel’, a majestic song that is everything you could want with St Vincent. The video features her, er, singing from a grave. She plays Dublin’s Workman’s Club in November. I’ll be there. Strange Mercy […]

St Vincent is 28-year-old Annie Erin Clark. If you have been paying attention over the past few years, you will almost certainly have heard of Actor, her 2009 album which was received with fevered acclaim. And that acclaim grew and grew. It’s difficult to find a single bad word to say about an album that […]