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Arctic Monkeys brought new single ‘Suck It And See’ to Graham Norton’s show last night. LOOK AT ALEX TURNER’S QUIFF – AMAZING. Watch the video for b-side ‘Evil Twin’ here.

Is this Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders’s version of the American dream? It’s damn cool though. It’s the b-side for ‘Suck It And See’, which is out in Ireland tomorrow. It’s available on 7″ vinyl and everything.

Here’s a grainy video treat for fans of the slow-burning Suck It And See. Album highlight ‘The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala’ is, unsurprisingly, the group’s second single from the album, following in the feet of ‘Don’t Sit Down Cos I’ve Moved Your Chair’. ‘Shalalala’ sees the band pass some time backstage and get stalked by a […]

Leather jackets, Alex? What would your 18-year-old self think? The band were on the David Letterman Show and performed latest single ‘Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’. David Letterman is excited by the new album, Suck It And See, out on Friday in Ireland. Don’t they look like they’re having loads of fun? […]

And so continues the trepidation that awaits the first full listen to Arctic Monkeys fourth full-length album due out next month. I have already talked about ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’, which sadly sounds dated after more than ten or so listens, and ‘Brick By Brick’, the worst thing the band have […]

New Arctic Monkeys! And it’s not ‘Brick By Brick’, the worst song they have ever written. ‘Don’t Sit Down…’ is much better and could fit seamlessly into Humbug, but as it is, it will slot into the band’s fourth album, Suck It And See, out June 3 over in Ireland. Before we discuss the new […]