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Sufjan Stevens has a new sideproject/distraction from the day job, for which he’s dug out the autotune. S / s / s is Stevens, Son Lux and Serengeti, and ‘Museum Day’ is the first track from their debut EP, Beak & Claw, released on March 20 (in the US at least) on Anticon. After initially […]

Sufjan Stevens himself put together the pretty little package above for The Age Of Adz highlight ‘Get Real, Get Right’.The artwork was inspired by Royal Robertson, who features on the MAKE documentary which you can purchase here.

So do people still buy albums? It is a subjective question and depends a lot on the availability (and knowledge) on torrent sites for many. And with albums usually streaming in their entirity, one listen and move on is one of the guiding mantras of the internet, is it not? But there were plenty of […]

Making this list of 40 of the best songs of 2010 was one of the tougher things I have done in the almost-year I have been running the blog. It has coincided with the best year in Irish music that I can remember (and that Harmless Noise can remember too). There were so many one-off […]

Sufjan Stevens’ Age Of Adzis definitely one of my albums of the year. It is joyour, euphoric, and bombastic in all the best ways possible. And he brought everything, including the kitchen sick, to Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show on Friday. ‘Too Much’ is magnificent in so many ways that it is impossible to put into […]

Below is my first attempt at a music podcast. It was done all by myself, using the power of my not-very-powerful computer. Any constructive criticism is more than welcome, and if you want to be harsh, I will try and prepare myself. It is a podcast in that there is speech in there, but it […]

After reading this with my jaw on the floor, I wanted to get a look at what the Sufjan Stevens live show looks and sounds like. And then the magic of Youtube revealed itself. The setlist is just below, of one of his most recent shows, Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC, USA. All the videos […]

An EP last week. An album announcement yesterday. And today, Sufjan Stevens gives us the first taster off the album. ‘I Walked’ is taken from Age Of Adz, out in October. It is more electro than what we were given on All Delighted People last Friday, but it doesn’t mean it is not amazing. Does […]

My thesis due in less than six weeks is going to be responsibel for a dramatic drop in posts on here, such has been the case this week. But anyway, nothing could stop me posting aboout new music from Sufjan Stevens. Up on Bandcamp today came the All Delighted People Ep, which lasts around 45 […]