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Subscribe to TPOE’s New Irish Music playlist on Spotify It’s a jammers week of new releases – just as well cos I’m off to Barcelona and Primavera next week. I’m spending an inordinate amount of time trying to decide between Solange and Broken Social Scene, embroiled in a direct clash on Thursday. It’s a very […]

In no particular order, here are some of the acts I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from in the next 12 months. Some are already established artists while some are just starting out and haven’t even released a single yet. So hopefully you’ll find something new with which to fall in love. I […]


Brid O’Donovan (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram) was back behind the camera for Hard Working Class Heroes last week. Here are her shots from Friday, featuring Pale Rivers, Soule, Jealous of the Bird, Touts, Tara Lee, Talos and Adultrock.


On his second EP, O Sanctum, released today, August 19, via Feel Good Lost, it feels like Eoin French has finally hit his stride. In fact I knew he had hit his stride when I caught Talos at De Barra’s earlier in the summer as the Irish part of an Ireland-Iceland mini tour of the […]


Seven months after revealing his debut track ‘Tethered Bones’, Cork producer Talos, aka Eoin French, unveils another beautiful, wrenching song. A few mournful piano keys intertwine with solemn guitar and French’s cooing and wooing. “Try and share my youth, these things I waited for, I am bound to you… We bloom, feathers bloom for you,” […]


Following the roaring success of ‘Tethered Bones‘, Talos aka Eoin French has revealed ‘Escariot’. A gentle track, he performs it solo on piano, and it’s shot by Feel Good Lost. NME thinks he’s so hot right now. We have an exclusive interview with Talos in issue 2 of We Play Here.