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The second full length to be released on Terrible Records is CANT’s Dreams Come True. Terrible Records is the brainchild of Grizzy Bear bassist Chris Taylor. CANT is Chris Taylor’s side-project. Do you see the connection? You may have already heard ‘Believe’ and ‘Answer’ from the album, but there’s another eight tracks to wrap your […]

I have no words for this video. ‘Amanaemonesia’ is taken from Chairlift’s forthcoming third album, which is coming out on Grizzy Bear bassist Chris Taylor’s label Terrible Records next year. The song featured on The Point Of Everything in July.

Chairlift made an addictive song a few years ago in the shape of ‘Bruises’. Sadly, they followed that up with a pretty forgettable album, hence why most people either forgot about them or never knew they existed to begin with. But they’ve been given a second chance thanks to Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor and […]

Here is a Twin Shadow song you won’t have heard before. He is on Terrible Records and makes wonderful music. This particular track is a chilled out affair called ‘Shooting Holes At The Moon’. Twin Shadow – ‘Shooting Holes At The Moon’ (via Marco Collins)

Pop stars hailing from the Dominican Republic are few and far between. If they are as good as Twin Shadow though, maybe we should head out there for a look. Twin Shadow is George Lewis. He came to America at an early age and had a stint in the circus. You often hear of pop […]