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Girl Band played their final Irish show at the weekend, filling the TDC in the Triskel Arts Centre for their first sold-out show in Ireland. They’re easily one of the best live bands in the country so expect plenty more sell-out gigs to follow in 2015, a year which should also see the Dublin four […]

Girl Band

The amazing Girl Band were one of the acts affected by the closure of the Pavilion in Cork a couple weeks ago, but thankfully the gig has been rescheduled. Aisling and Caoilian, who used to work at the Pav, have formed the Southern Hospitality Board to put on gigs – and are doing a stellar […]


Cork band Elastic Sleep launched their debut EP Leave You at the Triskel on Sunday night. It was just over 10 months ago that I first blogged about them, a little flustered at just how good introductory track ‘Anywhere’ was. They’ve kept the quality levels high throughout the six tracks that comprise the new EP, […]


There were a plethora of good bands and acts playing around the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork City over the weekend, APril 19 and 20, in a joint celebration of Record Store Day and our launch of We Play Here issue 2. On Saturday night, Twin Lights, Nativism and the Keep on Jumpin’ DJs kept […]


Lisa Lemur and Plugd Records have teamed up to take on the “annual drink-n-puke fest known as St Patrick’s weekend” and have revealed a tasty weekend lineup that will stop you working on a float for the parade – I was sure I was going to win best float this year and everything! On Friday, […]


I did a double, then a triple take when I saw this gig announcement this morning. Three of my favourite acts, Halves, Come On Live Long and Liza Flume in one of the most beautiful venues in Ireland, the Triskel Christchurch. The gig takes place on Friday, December 13, and sees Halves return to Cork […]

altar of plagues cover

Cork metal band Altar of Plagues have released one of my favourite albums of the year, Teethed Glory and Injury. I’m not the biggest metal fan in the world, but that record is just too exciting to ignore, a blast of energy and innovation. I don’t think they’ve played any accompanying dates in Ireland for […]

The Dudley Corporation hit Limerick, Cork and Galway over the weekend as they launched their fourth album Everyone Does Everything Wrong. Dudley Colley told me recently that the new songs are “a lot brasher and noisier than before” (full interview here), and he’s certainly not wrong. I left the Triskel’s TDC on Friday night, May […]

It was Record Store Day on Saturday, April 20. Plugd was buzzing from 10am right throughout the day. There was such a cool atmosphere around the Triskel Arts Centre. From 6.30pm in the TDC room, four acts played. I missed Rory Francis O’Brien, who were supposed to be great. Bah. Elllll played some mesmerising and […]

I’ve been on a Dudley Corporation buzz for the past week since I heard ‘Grey Lights‘, from their forthcoming fourth album Everyone Does Everything Wrong. I bought their last album, 2008’s Year Of The Husband, from Plugd at the weekend, and it probably won’t come off repeat until its follow-up arrives on May 11. Today […]