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This is gorgeous. Taken from Twin Shadow’s second album, Confess, out now. Yours Truly

Words can’t do this justice. Twin Shadow performing ‘Forget’ with lots of balloons and children at Kidrockers at The Winter’s Eve Festival in Lincoln Square, November 29, 2010 [via Hoorayforearth]

Below is my first attempt at a music podcast. It was done all by myself, using the power of my not-very-powerful computer. Any constructive criticism is more than welcome, and if you want to be harsh, I will try and prepare myself. It is a podcast in that there is speech in there, but it […]

The Drums are a band I have tried to like in the past, but their pretension (and the singer) really do make it difficult. They are ok. But plaudits should be earned more. Conversely, Twin Shadow, aka George Lewis Jr, I have a lot of time for. He is signed to Terrible Records, controlled by […]

Here is a Twin Shadow song you won’t have heard before. He is on Terrible Records and makes wonderful music. This particular track is a chilled out affair called ‘Shooting Holes At The Moon’. Twin Shadow – ‘Shooting Holes At The Moon’ (via Marco Collins)

Pop stars hailing from the Dominican Republic are few and far between. If they are as good as Twin Shadow though, maybe we should head out there for a look. Twin Shadow is George Lewis. He came to America at an early age and had a stint in the circus. You often hear of pop […]