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This week we got the return of Two Door Cinema Club and I am the Cosmos, a new track from Bitch Falcon (finally!) and a trio of albums from young Cork artists on one label. And that’s far from all. So if, like me, you find yourself crying salty tears onto your keyboard/phone rather than […]

I was a judge at this year’s Choice Prize, the eighth installment of the award for Irish album of the year. As you’ve probably heard, Delorentos took home the gong for Little Sparks, their third album. Installed as favourite from the outset, I don’t think it was a surprise to many that they took it […]

A dark and blue performance by Northen Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club. Performed live on Conan O’Brien’s talkshow (he was in Ireland last week), ‘Sleep Alone’ is one of the prime cuts from Beacon, the band’s second album.

From Two Door Cinema Club‘s second album Beacon, which is out on Irish shores on August 31, comes ‘Sleep Alone’. It looks like the band should probably get a new practice space. The album leaked a few weeks ago, but you can listen to it in full after the jump. All legally!

Announced on June 20. Leaked on July 27. Released in Ireland on August 31. Alex Trimble, the band’s singer, writes: I’m aware that Beacon has leaked. In this day and age it was inevitable but I’d just like to urge you all to do the right thing.

Aw, I love this song. It’s music that lifts my heart. Kowalski have been around for years, and like fine wine, they get better with age. If you like watching bands play instruments in the forest (HOW LONG IS THEIR EXTENSION CORD?!?!) then you will love Babysweet’s video for ‘Outdoors’, which you can buy now […]

So do people still buy albums? It is a subjective question and depends a lot on the availability (and knowledge) on torrent sites for many. And with albums usually streaming in their entirity, one listen and move on is one of the guiding mantras of the internet, is it not? But there were plenty of […]

Making this list of 40 of the best songs of 2010 was one of the tougher things I have done in the almost-year I have been running the blog. It has coincided with the best year in Irish music that I can remember (and that Harmless Noise can remember too). There were so many one-off […]

Below is my first attempt at a music podcast. It was done all by myself, using the power of my not-very-powerful computer. Any constructive criticism is more than welcome, and if you want to be harsh, I will try and prepare myself. It is a podcast in that there is speech in there, but it […]